Sunday, 31 July 2011

A *week* in the life of...

I just had one of those delightful Sunday afternoon naps... one that could only have been perfected by a thunderstorm... now I'm catching up on my blogging and listening to the Mermaids sound track (I adore that movie... if you haven't seen it.. look it up!) and I'm sleepier than I was before! It's funny waking up as the sun is setting... especially when falling asleep to True Blood! My subconscious clearly is willing me to become a creature of the night :) 
Post nap-ready-for-bed-again face

I've had a catastrophically busy week. . . particularly for one that was meant to be blissfully stress free with nothing but time to spend as I willed... alas, it was not meant to be... so not much time for crafting :( although I did spend a large portion of my Sunday at the sewing machine.. making alterations to the mountain of vintage clothes that always seems to grow and grow... and grow before I get around to stitching! 

Oh! And I believe I told a little white lie just now, for I spent most of Wednesday covered in paper and glue. I can't divulge too many details just yet.. as it's all in conjunction with the 13th Birthday Party I am throwing my Niece on Tuesday.. and I don't want to spoil the fun! But here's a sneak peak... 

More on that later (I plan to do a post on the whole party.. because if things go to plan, it will be worth sharing!) 

So what has been keeping me so busy this week? (Aside for work and party planning that is). 

I started with a much needed catch up with my dear friend Emma (check out her phenomenal travel and inspirational lifestyle blog here ) we opted for a night of staying home drinking gin.. which of course led to a certain amount of wig playing photoboothing fun!

Free fun with fantastic friends is always best :) 

I fell so in love with this little curly wig that I do believe a play with my curling tongs is in order!

Next in my busy-week-photo-diary is a day at my Grandma's with sister #3. We lounged in the garden absorbing the rare British sunshine, drinking tea, munching on home made shortbread (my grandparents are Scottish), reading through our Great Aunts collection of antique Mable Lucy Atwell postcards and eating sweet peas from Grandmas vegetable garden

I also spent a great portion of the day following around the peacock that likes to wander around the garden,despite my utter  hatred of the things... a deep routed childhood fear of their tail feathers which I have never overcome. However, with the exception of their tail feathers, I am somewhat dumbfounded by their markings... the intensity of the blues and greens.. and in particular their mottled black and white feathers... nature at it's finest. This peacock was shedding.. hence my attention to his movements... with every scratch I collected a new feather (just one of my examples of how to craft on a budget... stalk a peacock!) 

My Grandma had picked this love heart from her tomato plant earlier in the day... I couldn't resist having a little photoshoot with it. She offered it to me but I insisted she kept it herself, convinced good luck and happiness would be brought to whomever indulged in it's divinity! 

I spent the rest of the week cooking, baking, cleaning, planning the party and spending time with my sister and my childhood friend, whom I had stay with me for a few nights. 

And now we start another week! I'm so excited for the party... but almost equally excited to have my free time back! My guitar practice has taken a serious  back seat this week. As has dino-girl.. although now I have altered some of my recent thrifts, I believe I have enough fabric scraps to fashion her a new anti-tangle dress! 

Hope you all had a good week!

Enjoy this little ditty from Mermaids

Love love 

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I like your labels: "England, life."