Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sculpting: Dino Girl Puppet Part 2: Painting/ effects

Happy Humpday y'all! This past week I've been working on painting my lil dino girl... 

I opted for acrylic paint (predominantly as this is all I had beside water colours). I was a little unsure of how it would react with the clay... but as luck would have it, it worked very well! 

  • I used a dry brush to apply the acrylic, as the clay is water based I didn't want to risk softening it and ruining all my hard sculpting work
  • First I mixed the colour I wanted for the base of my sculpture, a very pale greyed yellowy bone like hue, and applied this all over 
  • Then I worked in detail, applying basic SFX make up techniques to highlight the high points and shadow the low points, to intensify the sculpted detail. 
  •  I found that, because of the texture of the clay, the paint was really easy to blend (when it came to blending, I did dampen my brush and dry it slightly on tissue before applying the paint) 
  • The only other advice I would give is to make sure you use even brush strokes and really work the paint into the sculpture, so as not to leave brush marks. For detail/ blending I stippled the paint on for a more aged bone effect
Then I added some lashes! (I have a store of false lashes in my make up kit, for my dino girl I used one corner lash, (by NYC), cut in half. I evened out the length by feathering the tips of the lashes with scissors before applying them with a thin strip of super glue 

As you can see, I've now begun work on her outfit! Thus far she has a little bandeau to hide her modesty and the beginnings of a gown. However, after spending hours frustratingly stitching ribbon together, I realized if I am to add strings to this puppet of mine, a ribbon skirt would be a big mistake (think of the tangling!!!!) And so, I suspect I will have to redesign it. But, this is a learn-while-you-craft experience after all!

Until next time...

Love, love


Natalie said...

Umm, freakin' awesome!!! Your pre-historic counterpart, maybe?

JessicaAmyBiddle said...

haha indeed... a self sculpture ha.. JURASSICA has landed!

gohemians said...

Oh my goodness just PERFECTION! Genius lady, absolute genius! xx