Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sculpting: An intro to my Dino Girl Puppet

Hello my lovelies! Today I would like to share with you a project I have been working on in my free time for the past few weeks... it started out as a doll, but once I had finished the limbs... I decided that she has such great mobility, a puppet may be more fitting... plus puppets are infinitely more fun! 

Of course, my Dino love shines bright in this project!

Here is stage one:

The great thing about this project is how inexpensive it has been thus far (granted I do have a moderately well stocked box of crafting items/ bits and bobs I have saved for their apparent useful qualities) but really, everything I used, minus the clay, was either free or next to nothing in cost. 

But i'm getting ahead of myself, as I am planning a separate post on being thrifty-crafty :) 

The clay I used is Fimo Air Light, which was around £7.00 from my local garden centre (that has an immensely impressive craft section!) It can be found online for a little less here.

I have worked with regular fimo before, but this project required something lighter and easier to work with:

  • It air dries, which apart from being more convenient, ensures that your project won't crack or spoil during the baking process! 
  • When dry, it weighs practically nothing as it has an almost foamy quality to it
  • It's durable: due to the texture, this clay is a lot less brittle than other clays I have tried, which makes it perfect for doll making (I also intend to see how it weathers as jewellery)! 
  • It's easy to blend and build upon, even when dry, as it is water based. Therefore if you let it dry, and decide you want to alter the shape, all you have to do it wet the surface and either rework it or apply fresh clay as desired (wetting the surface ensures new pieces will adhere)
  • It's actually a very inexpensive way to sculpt, as you use so little of it! The instructions suggest that you use scrunched up aluminium foil as the "skeleton" of your piece, using the clay merely as an outer shell for you to sculpt into your project. This means the amount of clay you use can be very little, depending on what you are making. (I didn't have foil so I used different sized drinking straws for the main body/neck/limbs and a small styrofoam ball for the head). My entire dino girl only took around 1/3 of a pack to complete :) 

(I just noticed how the light shifts from day to night in this series of photos.. ha.. clearly when I have the time I tend to over indulge in my projects)

I should also explain that although I have never had instruction in this form of sculpting, there was a great deal of larger scale sculpting during my Advanced Prosthetics course at Joe Blascos,  which I was able to call on for certain aspects of my Dino Girl creation! But for the most part, I am self taught; if I can do it you can too!

I intend to do a more detailed post on how I constructed Dino Girl,(sculpting techniques, making joints etc) as I feel I have saturated your brains with enough information for one post! 

Next up sanding the legs, painting/ paint effects. 

Keep creating!

Love, love

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