Friday, 22 July 2011

Thrift of the week... Musical Edition!

Hello, hello, hello! This weeks thrift of the week comes crooning to you like the harmonious expressions of a 60s supergroup. 

This week has been all about patience... patience when sewing clothes for a 4cm waist... patience when applying minute eyelashes to a miniature... and patience when relentlessly strumming the same 4 bars of a bluegrass song for hours... and hours... and hours, rising above the pain of tender fingertips as I commit to giving myself my first guitar lessons... a goal that has been on my list since I picked up this guitar at a thrift store 4 years ago.
It's not much, but I needed something to learn on... no complaints here! 

but back to THIS weeks thrifts...

As I committed to an empty handed exit from my favourite thrift store, a scarlet tinted troubadour sang out to me from amongst the chorus of cut class and unassuming bric-a-brac. 

That's right swee-no's... a working-order, cute-as-a-button Rosedale electric reed organ... the perfect addition to my growing collection of odd and intriguing musical instruments. I'd been in search of a keyboard/ organ of sorts for quite some time, having taken piano lessons for many years growing up...(and also to aid in my completion of one of my Summer Goals.. and life goals.. project MAKE MUSIC!) My newest band mate produces the most fantastical reedy tones, her short two octave finger board aided by the 6 "chord buttons". I am very excited about this one... and promise to share her vocals with you in due time.

So say hello to Rosie... the ingenious little piece of 1970s musical heaven that agreed to room with me for the slender price of £3.00. Ah serendipity... you snuggle up to me when I need it most. 

Keep strummin'

Love, love

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