Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thrift of the Week!

This week I decided to try something different and create a little video to show off some of todays thrifts! I'm still learning so it's definitely not a masterpiece... but it sure was a lot of fun! 

(despite my best efforts is has still loaded in very low definition)

Thrift Of The Week Vlog1 from jessica biddle on Vimeo.

I did have a few chuckles when I realized I was infact spending my afternoon filming myself shakin' my butt in a bathing suit. All in good fun though! 

So what do we have here then? 

I've Been having a pretty wild love affair with green of late... so naturally this cheerful little lady leapt right into my hands! I'm most likely going to remove the chiffon bow and replace it with something a little more to my liking in the near future. 

I've actually had this dress for around 6 years. I dug it out of the $1.00 bin at Ragg Mopp Vintage on Sunset one Summer but had never worn it until today! The dress originally had blousen sleeves that would not have looked out of place on the set of Little House On The Prairie... and was a good 6-8" longer. However, this week I was struck with inspiration, and so I set about altering the sleeves, shortening the length and repairing the hundreds of scattered holes on the skirt (I suspect the previous owner had had a run in with a bonfire due to the nature of the holes!) I'm very happy with the results! Oh.. and it's GREEN! I'm so glad I never parted with it :) The fabric is actually a green "graph paper" check, although it's hard to see in these photos! 

Oh! Hey butt! (woopsies haha)
I am always on the look out for bathing suits... I actually found these in the childrens bin (hence the price!)! I initially thought them to be little boys trunks... but suspected that they may fit .. however on closer inspection I believe that they are in fact ladies bikini bottoms. I can't wait to get back to LA and soak up some pool party rays in these :) 

Broaches and rings are something else I always am seeking. I was undetermined whether the second one is a J or a T, but as I was with my Neice, Taylor, it hardly seemed to matter, because it was equally as appropriate! (From the angle in the photo it certainly looks more T like!) 

Oh and the shoes in the video... <3 a mere 2.50 for square toed chunky heeled patent mary janes with rounded silver buckles. Hello hello! 

And that's it for this weeks thrifting! Hope you enjoyed my first vlog! 

Love, love


Natalie said...

Missy, you best be careful with that tush.

Bree and Jess said...

hahaha Much agreed!!! there are pedophiles on here.. god bless 90's music

gohemiantravellers said...

You will forever be my fashion muse lady! DELICIOUS!