Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thrift of the Week!

Ah, the last thrift of July! Not terribly exciting I'm afraid (At least not after last weeks melodic miracle that is!) 

Seem to be having a "blue" week (maybe it's all the bluegrass I've been playing haha) 

Feathers, feathers, feathers! I love the ridiculousness of this hat... a giant swirl of different blue feathers mirroring the decadence of  an over indulgent sundae..for £2.50. I feel like some fantastical childrens movie villain... or Mary Poppins... or a crazy lady housing a nest of birds atop her barnet ha. 

I also picked up this shirt for 1.75 (gingham and I have had a steadfast love affair for many years)... which is one of the things I was altering today (it was mahussive!) 

And lastly, this dainty little apron... (90p) which was put straight to work making red velvet cupcakes! 

And that's that for this week! 

Happy thrifting!

Love, love 

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