Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Desktop Clearout: Inspiration

Happy Tuesday! I thought I'd share with you some of the things I have recently dragged to my desktop while I'm doing a clean up (most days my desktop is an unimaginable mish mash of files piled on top of one another... whoopsie!) 

First up is this adorable little saddle shoe DIY courtesy of Bleubird. Click the link for the full DIY. I can't wait to have a play around with this one!

Next are these amazing skulls made out of nout but herbs and spices, via The Kitchn

Thirdly are these precious little Skull Cameos (I seem to have been on somewhat of a Skull kick of late... ok maybe it's all the time!) which can be found on Cathys Jewels. Funnily enough I have been doing a little bone related jewellery crafting myself the past week.... and these are certainly inspiring!

Next up is a pretty little nail art design from Temporary Secretary (although I doubt I will ever have the patience for this... not to mention that my nail polish never lasts more than a day due to my hands on crafting approach!)

And lastly are a couple of shots from Marie Claire... I just adore the styling!

Oh and the new layout comes courtesy of a 70s wallpaper pattern I came across during one of my random googling binges. I hope that you like it! 

Love, love 


Temporary:Secretary said...

Thank you for dropping by to let me know you've featured me in your latest post - you're awesome!!!!!! lots of love xoxo

Rachel said...

Those shoes are an amazing DIY!