Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sculpting: Dino Girl Puppet Part 3: Costume!

I was having a little trouble deciding how to costume my Dino Girl, (constraints such as puppet strings were severely limiting my creativity!), hence her absence from my blog. However, this morning I had one of those delightful wake-me-up cups of tea that shroud you with inspiration... which led to me spending almost the entire day needle and thread in hand... 

Here is my completed Dino Girl costume (although I still need to tackle her shoes... and possibly a head dress... haven't decided if it it necessary yet) 

As I mentioned before, my Dino Girls waist measures a mere 2cm.. so this sewing project required a very high level of patience! But I am pleased with the outcome!

 Next is shoes... maybe a head dress (if I go ahead i'm thinking something Black Swan related) and then finally... STRINGS! 

Can't wait to string her up and put her in front of the camera! 

Happy crafting! 

Love, love

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