Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thrift of the Week!

This wk has been very fruitful for thrifting! So much so that I think I will save a few of the items for next week, as I surely went over my thrifting budget this week... and considering my 3 day trips to the same store, I'm surprised they have anything left! 

This week it's another video! 

Untitled from jessica biddle on Vimeo.

The jacket is a 1960s wool blend.. I'm so in love with the colour and the style! £5.00. 

Cotton white skirt with sky blue zig zag detail. £1.75

Belt (which came with a darling skirt i'll post next week!) £2.00 

And finally.... 

3/4 sized Viva acoustic Guitar (my new love!) £10.00

Hope you enjoyed the video! I couldn't resist keeping in the part where my cheeky broken B string kept lifting my skirt!

The song playing is God Moves on the Water by Blind Willie Johnson. 

Happy Thrifting, 

Love, love

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Natalie said...

Cute! I love the whole ensemble. You're a gorgeous flash from the past.