Thursday, 1 September 2011

Painting: Maps: Skulls: Doodles

I have this problem, I am 100% incapable of relaxing. Sure, I may watch more movies in a week than most people watch in a year... but my hands are always busy.. drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, sticking, writing, planning, sourcing... Sometimes I pretend to relax by attempting to paint my nails, but as my photos show... there is rarely a day of the week when my polish isn't chipped! Painting your nails means waiting for them to dry. I couldn't count the number I times I end up with the oddest accidentally collaged nails due to my impatient need to be using my hands at all times haha

Take Monday and Tuesday, I had both days to myself. Free time! And what did I do with my down time (besides watch a gazillion movies?)


This is the first of two world maps I have been working on. This one is now completed except for a frame, I'm waiting for the perfect one to materialize at a thrift store! The other world map requires a little more patience (hard to say considering this one almost descended me into madness!) And so it may be a little while longer before it makes an appearance. My dear friend Emma of Gohemian Travellers inspired me to do this one. Hope you like it Embo!

Next in my line of I'll-do-anything-to-keep-busy creations is this little mini artwork piece. Skull etched on acetate on a text print background. I can not take credit for the skull cameo design which I found during a google search (I think my search words were of the oxymoronic "pretty skull" persuasion!) Anyway, not wanting to take credit for someone elses drawing, I sourced the original artist who can be found here

Again, I really want to frame this piece, I'm just not sure with what yet! 

I loved this image so much that I used it again to make my own skull cameo

I made the cameo using an old oversized button, book text (naturally!) and a string of broken pearls, which I'm fairly certain are real! from my Grandma. 

And finally is a little doodle. 

I did this while watching gritty horror movies... on oil paper using watercolours.. which is why it is all bleary and pretty haunting!

I've also completed the headdress for dino girl... and started stringing her... I'll post separately on that once her final 2 strings have been strung! 

What do you do to relax? 

Happy crafting!

Love, love


clotheshorsevix said...

You have been a busy lady. Love the brooch, so cute!

Natalie said...

I love them, especially the world map!

As to your question, sleeping, sexing, eating! Otherwise, I'm a little ball of tension.