Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crafting: Travel Map Postcard & Pen Set

Spring is fast approaching... the lambs are in the fields, bulbs are poking out from every roadside patch of grass and the days are getting longer... kind of makes my feet itch to jump on a plane and get going! 

A lady who is "getting going" is my dear friend Emma of Gohemian Travellers, who begins her worldly travels very soon! 
I searched high and low for the perfect Birthday gift for a lady who is soon to be backpack bound, before deciding to make her something that would be of use to her while she was away... then one day I  stumbled across this travel map correspondence set DIY on design sponge and knew what I had to do! 

Being a lady who teeters on the edges of OCD when it comes to crafting, I decided to take it one step further, creating a pen and a keepsake box to make the gift a little more special. 

Happy crafting!

Love, love 

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