Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Point of 'Pinterest"

As you may have noticed I have recently added "Pin It" buttons to my posts... 

I'm sure you are already familiar with the magic of Pinterest but I just wanted to take a few moments to explain why I find it so useful! As well as share a tutorial I found to add your own Pinterest buttons to your blogs! 

Pinterest is effectively a huge database of online pinboards full of images and ideas from every corner of the globe! Users can upload their own content, share content found on pretty much any website or simply browse the pin boards and re-pin other users pins to their own boards. 

Why I Find Pinterest Useful

Let me set the scene; on any given day my desktop is a veritable midden of images pulled from websites, blogs and google image searches that I wish to save for reference... maybe not today maybe not even this month or this year... but one day I know they will be of use to me! 

As you can imagine, apart from my desktop consistently looking like a Jpeg graveyard, these countless files over time take up a considerable amount of space on my poor Macbooks little hard drive... not to mention all the hours I have to spend reorganizing them into folders for future reference!

And in this tiresome process of computerized filing is where I have found the greatest use of Pinterest for me:

  • Since joining Pinterest, I have began uploading my back catalogue of saved images to my pinboards, and systematically deleting them from my hard drive. Uploading takes a few seconds, and you have the option to pin them to which ever board of yours you deem fit. 
  • I have managed to organize my boards into 4 basic categories: Words, Pretties, Funnies and my own crafts, (titled 'I Make Stuff'), although I may add more as I work my way through the folders on my computer!
  • Pinterest also has revolutionized the way I browse the web! The simple yet efficient "Pin It" button for your bookmarks bar means you can easily pin images you wish to save to your pinboards from anywhere on the web... and the best part is, it automatically links the image to the original source! Remember that DIY/ Recipe/ Hair style etc you desperately wanted to try? Pin an image from the article you located it in (I usually go for the end product, unless there is a step-by-step montage!) and when you are ready to "DIY it" simply click the image and you will be taken to the full tutorial!
NB: if you are browsing blogs using bloglovin, be sure to click the "x" in the bottom right hand corner of the bloglovin browser, which will take you to the actual source rather than the bloglovin link, where you can pin until your heart is content (You can't pin images if you are viewing a blog in the bloglovin browser as far as I can tell)

There is so much content to be found on Pinterest... it's ease of sharing and organizing means you can quite easily go hours past your bed time endlessly browsing the boards... you will find anything from recipes to interiors, crafts, beautiful photography, fashion, quotes... trust me if you want to find it... it's on there! 

Of course, pinning content from your own site will also help to increase traffic and widen your audience... even more so if you link your blog/ website to your pinterest... which brings me to my next point!...

How to add a PIN IT button to your blog

I found this tutorial which was of great use to me. This one is for Blogger, but a quick google should lead you to a similar one for any platform. 

I chose this tutorial over the one on Pinterest itself as it ensures the pin it button is automatically added to each post (as I understand it, with the Pinterest method, you have to manually copy and paste the html into every blog post before publishing?)

Also, note that to view your blogs pin it buttons you have to click into each post individually, as they will not show on your main page.  

Two points before you begin:

  • Ensure that you paste the html at the first data/post/body  not the second, otherwise it won't work 
  • Paste it above if you want the pin it button at the top of your posts, and below if you want it at the end
NB to add a "follow me on Pinterest" button, I just followed the instructions on their website, and added a html gadget to my blogger layout... it was easy as pie :) 

Good luck! I hope this has been of use to you and that I haven't blabbered on too long! 

And feel free to follow me on Pinterest and have a snoop at my catalogue of inspirational images! 

Back later with the return of Thrift of the Week... and it's a good one! 

Love, love

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