Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thrift of the Week!

Greetings y'all! It's been a while since I've done one of these... but this week the thrifts store were so full of treasures I just had to share! 

I actually went to thrift stores in three different towns this week?! May explain why I was so lucky... anyway, any moment now I'm going to get to the point! 

These Barbarellariffic 60s shoes leapt onto my feet and transported me to a cosmic galaxy in seconds. For a mere £8.00 I'd say that's not bad going!

Uh oh... here I go again indulging in another of my secret obsessions... crocheted purses. I was instantly drawn to the beadwork and snappy clasp on this beauty... and as my go to everyday purse is quite literally falling apart at the seems, it seemed somewhat serendipitous that our paths should cross... and I wasn't about to leave her without a home for £3.99!

And finally...

A precious little vintage cigarette case. I fell in love with it's dinky, ornate nature... £2.50 from one of my favourite UK thrift stores(also the smelliest... they are always the best!)

Oh and the crocheted doily I used as a backdrop for these photos was also a recent thrift find... it's so darling and one of the biggest I have ever come across... and it was only £0.60p! 

Happy Thrifting! 

Love, love


Natalie said...

Somehow, you were able to turn the word "dinky" into a compliment!

JessicaAmyBiddle said...

Your comment has led me to discover something very interesting! In England, 'dinky' is associated with "Dinky Toys"... a range of miniature vehicle toys that have become highly collectable.. and therefore it is used as a positive adjective... check this out:

dinky [ˈdɪŋkɪ]
adj dinkier, dinkiest Informal
1. Brit small and neat; dainty
2. US inconsequential; insignificant

One word: Two countries: Two juxtaposing definitions!