My name's Jessica. I'm a 20-something English girl caught in the perils of pesky Visa related woes, having left my heart in California. I'm a Make Up Artist/ SFX artist by trade having studied at Joe Blasco's School of Professional Make Up Artistry in Los Angeles. Although, I actually got my BA in English and Creative Writing! (A girl of varied interests ha!) 

I love monsters, (zombies in particular!), music and dinosaurs. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong Era. Then when I try to decide my birth decade of choice, I can't! So maybe it's best to be here now, enjoying the history and the treasures it left behind! 


I started Sweet Nothings as a way to document and share my many craftings, photos and thoughts whilst playing the visa-waiting-game in England. Before long I realized that my blog was encouraging me to craft, write, photograph... as I was so desperate to share my world with others! I remember those first blogging months of knitting like there was a wool ration coming just so I could update Sweet Nothings! 

Now I feel I'm finally finding my own way in the blogging community, finding my niche, honing my voice and hopefully providing some interesting content! 

Either way, I really enjoy composing Sweet Nothings, I give each post my all, and I hope it shows. 

Thanks for reading! 

You all inspire me everyday!

Love, love

Photo by Daniel Taylor