Tuesday, 12 February 2013


My wonderful readers... 

The time has come to share with you some very exciting changes to Sweet Nothings. 

For the past few months I have been avidly researching, Wordpress learnin', writing, crafting and snap, snap, snapping readying for the launch of my new super blog "Jurassica Explains It All!"

Fear not avid readers for the essence of Sweet Nothings will still live on, and as the name suggests my new blog is sure to be JURASSIC! 

Please stay tuned for news of the launch, which will include a week of non stop posts introducing you all to the regular features you can expect from Jurassica. (For all you crafters, you will be pleased to know that Jurassica will focus more heavily on tutorials, DIYs, and discounts... and for all you vintage style lovers there will be a multitude of delectable style inspiration and whimsy, as well as a whole mess of other fun stuff as Jurassica Explains it All :) 

In the meantime please follow me on INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / FACEBOOK for sneak peeks of what's to come, as well as a little insight into the world of Jurassica.

Big love to you all! I am so excited to share in this with you, and hopefully inspire and teach you a thing or two along the way!  

Thank you as always for your continued support! 

Lots and lots of love and hugs, 


AKA Jurassica ;) 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jurassica Christmas Cards now available!

Merry Christmas my dears!

Alas since debuting my Jurassica line last week, (more on that to come!), my poor laptop has become sick, hindering the completion of my new website! However, I am taking orders for my Christmas cards!

There are currently 3 designs available:

Bah Humbug
Silent Night, Ghouly Night
Have a Juanderful Christmas

Custom designs are available also, drop me a line if you have a specific request!

Price is dependent on quantity the more you order the more you save, please get in touch for more information!

More images available upon request!

Hope you are all doing well and keeping warm!

Love, love and Jingle Bells!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hereeee's Jurassica!!

Well, not quite... But exciting things have been happening in my absence, stay tuned for the unveiling of Jurassica very soon

We're gonna knock you right outta your bobby socks!

Love, love!

Ps how awesome is The Gov's zombie head fish tank wall?!?!

Friday, 23 March 2012

DIY: Upcycled Organizers!

Hey y'all! Today I thought I'd share with you a cute organizer DIY... it may not seem like it but I am secretly obsessed with organizing... I like everything to have a home of it's own... and this simple tutorial using recycled household items creates perfect storage for the little things that tend to get in the way of a neat and tidy living space! 

what you will need...

  1. Cardboard containers... I used Chai tea latte, Bisto gravy and Lilets tampon containers! Raid your recycling...anything you have lying around that is similar will work! I wanted different shapes and sizes, to create a prettier display, hence using a variety of different types! 
  2. Pretty paper... my signature is book text, sheet music and maps... I use them for everything! Alternatively cute wrapping paper, wallpaper scraps or patterned paper would work and may fit better with the aesthetic of your room! Patterned paper is available from any craft store, (they usually sell it by the sheet for mere pennies, and in a beautiful array of designs to suit any style!)
  3. A ruler... (If you are planning on using a craft knife, a metal ruler or paper cutter is preferable!) 
  4. Scissors (not necessary if you are using a craft knife instead!)
  5. Glue stick
  6. Craft knife (unless you have a steady hand and want to use scissors!)
  7. A pencil.
what to do...

1. Measure the length of your container...

  • If your container has a lip like the one in the photo, (a plastic or mental ridge on the top or bottom of the container), allow an extra 1-2mm as you will be able to tuck your paper into the lip for a perfect edge. 
  • If your container does not have a lip at the top, account for an extra 1-2cm of paper to tuck over the top. If you do not intend on using the lid for your container, you may want to allow enough extra to cover the inside completely.
2. Measure the circumference of your container... The easiest way to do this is by rolling your paper around your container. I'd recommend allowing for a small over lap. If your paper is not wide enough to go around, cut separate sections making sure that the pattern with align once it is stuck down. 

3. Measure & cut your paper... I always measure from the top, bottom and middle of my page, making tiny dots at my measurements to ensure a level line. If you are using scissors, go along the line faintly with a pencil so you have a line to follow. I used a craft knife/ paper cutter so the dots were enough to guide me. 

4. Glue... using a glue stick, cover every inch of your paper in glue. (PVA and other craft glues can be a bit too wet for thin paper.. causing unsightly wrinkles and possibly even tears). Ensure every spot is covered to avoid bubbles. 

5. Cover your container... start at one end and stick around your container vertically, smoothing out any creases or bubbles as you go. When you get to the joining end, you may wish to apply more glue to ensure the end stays stuck! 

6. Tuck in the overhang... if you left a mm or so of paper to tuck into the rim, do this now using a blunt object (I used my thumb nail... but a dinner knife or something would also work... make sure it's not too sharp though or it may tear your paper).

Now you're left with a nice neat line! (Tucking in the paper also prevents it from pealing up at the edge).

If your container does not have a lip, begin folding over the paper you left to tuck inside the top (it will probably need re-glueing as glue stick dries quickly!)

Begin at one side and fold over and stick down as you go around, smoothing any wrinkles of course!

7. Varnish... If you so wish, you may varnish your container for an extra polished finished. This will also prevent mild wear and tear. (And provide some light water resistance if you intend on using your containers in the bathroom).

I used this acrylic paint gloss varnish from the craft store. It can be found with the little bottles of acrylic paint, usually for less than £2.00. I like this varnish because it isn't too shiny... dries very quickly, and it has the same applying techniques (not to mention durability and flexibility) as acrylic. 

Apply a thin coat using a soft brush to prevent brush marks. 

Leave to dry for approx 20 minutes. 

8. Lids... If you plan to use the lid to your container... you may wish to paint it to match your paper. I would definitely recommend using spray paint as most of these types of lids are made from shiny plastic that regular paint will not adhere to directly.... spray paint is much quicker than priming and applying multiple coats! Make sure you spray paint in a well ventilated area and protect all clothing and surfaces... and 
varnish your lid once painted to prevent chipping! 

NB: you could also stamp or write a sweet quote or a label to your paper before covering your container... 

Fill your new organizers and you're done!

I've used these ones as desktop organizers... but you could use them for make up... cotton buds... rings... just about anything that will fit really! 

Happy Crafting!

Love, love

PS If you try this tutorial, I'd love to see pictures of how yours came out! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thrift of the Week!

Greetings y'all! It's been a while since I've done one of these... but this week the thrifts store were so full of treasures I just had to share! 

I actually went to thrift stores in three different towns this week?! May explain why I was so lucky... anyway, any moment now I'm going to get to the point! 

These Barbarellariffic 60s shoes leapt onto my feet and transported me to a cosmic galaxy in seconds. For a mere £8.00 I'd say that's not bad going!

Uh oh... here I go again indulging in another of my secret obsessions... crocheted purses. I was instantly drawn to the beadwork and snappy clasp on this beauty... and as my go to everyday purse is quite literally falling apart at the seems, it seemed somewhat serendipitous that our paths should cross... and I wasn't about to leave her without a home for £3.99!

And finally...

A precious little vintage cigarette case. I fell in love with it's dinky, ornate nature... £2.50 from one of my favourite UK thrift stores(also the smelliest... they are always the best!)

Oh and the crocheted doily I used as a backdrop for these photos was also a recent thrift find... it's so darling and one of the biggest I have ever come across... and it was only £0.60p! 

Happy Thrifting! 

Love, love

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Point of 'Pinterest"

As you may have noticed I have recently added "Pin It" buttons to my posts... 

I'm sure you are already familiar with the magic of Pinterest but I just wanted to take a few moments to explain why I find it so useful! As well as share a tutorial I found to add your own Pinterest buttons to your blogs! 

Pinterest is effectively a huge database of online pinboards full of images and ideas from every corner of the globe! Users can upload their own content, share content found on pretty much any website or simply browse the pin boards and re-pin other users pins to their own boards. 

Why I Find Pinterest Useful

Let me set the scene; on any given day my desktop is a veritable midden of images pulled from websites, blogs and google image searches that I wish to save for reference... maybe not today maybe not even this month or this year... but one day I know they will be of use to me! 

As you can imagine, apart from my desktop consistently looking like a Jpeg graveyard, these countless files over time take up a considerable amount of space on my poor Macbooks little hard drive... not to mention all the hours I have to spend reorganizing them into folders for future reference!

And in this tiresome process of computerized filing is where I have found the greatest use of Pinterest for me:

  • Since joining Pinterest, I have began uploading my back catalogue of saved images to my pinboards, and systematically deleting them from my hard drive. Uploading takes a few seconds, and you have the option to pin them to which ever board of yours you deem fit. 
  • I have managed to organize my boards into 4 basic categories: Words, Pretties, Funnies and my own crafts, (titled 'I Make Stuff'), although I may add more as I work my way through the folders on my computer!
  • Pinterest also has revolutionized the way I browse the web! The simple yet efficient "Pin It" button for your bookmarks bar means you can easily pin images you wish to save to your pinboards from anywhere on the web... and the best part is, it automatically links the image to the original source! Remember that DIY/ Recipe/ Hair style etc you desperately wanted to try? Pin an image from the article you located it in (I usually go for the end product, unless there is a step-by-step montage!) and when you are ready to "DIY it" simply click the image and you will be taken to the full tutorial!
NB: if you are browsing blogs using bloglovin, be sure to click the "x" in the bottom right hand corner of the bloglovin browser, which will take you to the actual source rather than the bloglovin link, where you can pin until your heart is content (You can't pin images if you are viewing a blog in the bloglovin browser as far as I can tell)

There is so much content to be found on Pinterest... it's ease of sharing and organizing means you can quite easily go hours past your bed time endlessly browsing the boards... you will find anything from recipes to interiors, crafts, beautiful photography, fashion, quotes... trust me if you want to find it... it's on there! 

Of course, pinning content from your own site will also help to increase traffic and widen your audience... even more so if you link your blog/ website to your pinterest... which brings me to my next point!...

How to add a PIN IT button to your blog

I found this tutorial which was of great use to me. This one is for Blogger, but a quick google should lead you to a similar one for any platform. 

I chose this tutorial over the one on Pinterest itself as it ensures the pin it button is automatically added to each post (as I understand it, with the Pinterest method, you have to manually copy and paste the html into every blog post before publishing?)

Also, note that to view your blogs pin it buttons you have to click into each post individually, as they will not show on your main page.  

Two points before you begin:

  • Ensure that you paste the html at the first data/post/body  not the second, otherwise it won't work 
  • Paste it above if you want the pin it button at the top of your posts, and below if you want it at the end
NB to add a "follow me on Pinterest" button, I just followed the instructions on their website, and added a html gadget to my blogger layout... it was easy as pie :) 

Good luck! I hope this has been of use to you and that I haven't blabbered on too long! 

And feel free to follow me on Pinterest and have a snoop at my catalogue of inspirational images! 

Back later with the return of Thrift of the Week... and it's a good one! 

Love, love

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crafting: Travel Map Postcard & Pen Set

Spring is fast approaching... the lambs are in the fields, bulbs are poking out from every roadside patch of grass and the days are getting longer... kind of makes my feet itch to jump on a plane and get going! 

A lady who is "getting going" is my dear friend Emma of Gohemian Travellers, who begins her worldly travels very soon! 
I searched high and low for the perfect Birthday gift for a lady who is soon to be backpack bound, before deciding to make her something that would be of use to her while she was away... then one day I  stumbled across this travel map correspondence set DIY on design sponge and knew what I had to do! 

Being a lady who teeters on the edges of OCD when it comes to crafting, I decided to take it one step further, creating a pen and a keepsake box to make the gift a little more special. 

Happy crafting!

Love, love 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Who's that girl?

It's JESS. 

A thousand apologies for my abandonment... I have selfishly been seeking solitude in my beloved journal... At times I wondered if my path would ever lead me back to you... but it has. 

Here we have 2012 thus far, in photos. 

I have missed you. 

Love, love

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Look back to look forward

Today: The Decision. Not to be disappointed and upset by the things I have not done.. the things I have yet to achieve and the point of my life I'd like to be at.. but to instead appreciate the things I have done.. .the traumas and devastating life experiences i have overcome.. and all the things I have yet to experience and accomplish. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thrifty Gifty: Tips for Gifting on a Budget

I've become a one woman painting factory the last few weeks due to the number of Birthdays, Christenings and other celebratory events requiring presents, and my limited means of income! However, it has inspired me to share my tips for finding that perfect gift on a budget. 

Here are my top 5 Tips for being a Thrifty Gifty lady: 

1. The obvious, but effective Thrift store. Like I need any excuse to go thrifting? But searching for that perfect gift is always a viable alibi. Thrifted gifts have the advantage of being unique, find something you know the giftee will adore.. that is perhaps somewhat rare... and most likely at a bargain price. In the past I've gifted vintage oil lamps, broaches, linens, tableware and of course clothes and accessories. 

2) Antique Stores. I feel antique stores have a reputation of being expensive... but oh how wrong we all are. An antique store is a great place to find good quality vintage rarities... such as ornate vintage compacts, usually at a price point of £4.00 - £15.00, perfect for stylish ladies of any age... as well as jewellery (not always as expensive as you might think.. try broaches... costume rings and bangles) and occasionally you may even encounter some pretty little vintage undergarments and the all important hat!
The perks of antique stores over thrift stores; the quality is guaranteed to be top notch on most items. 

3) Online. If you have the perfect gift in mind, always check online prices for comparison. For books/ dvds/ and many other gift items, the obvious choice is amazon. However, I would also recommend Play (free shipping!) Both offer second hand options too, for extra penny pinching! 
As for anything remotely electrical, have a search of Pricerunner who will source the least expensive online outlet for you. I've used them alot, and saved many dabloons through their helpful searches. 
I will also always recommend Modcloth to anyone, for anything pretty much! They have the most adorable selection of homewares and gift items, with price tags that won't cause your heart to flutter. Their Sale section is always very impressive too!

4) Sales. Maybe the sales are over, but remember for next time: buy your gifts in advance and save a penny or two :) You will also find that online sales tend to have a much longer life than in store... so always check the website!

5) And most importantly: Handmade! You don't have to be the most creative person to come up with a wonderful handmade gift. Utilize your talents. Something as simple as a cherished photograph (encased in that frame you found at the thrift store ;) perhaps with a lick of kitschy paint!) can make a heartfelt gift. Try  re-moulding your own soap or candles, add a little lavender to the mix and gift wrap to perfection. The internet is saturated with DIY gift ideas... so go on, bow to the knowledge of Google!


Even when my budget does allow me to shower my loved ones with more substantial gifts, I still throw in a little handmade something.

This months budget however, required 100% handmade presents for the Virgos of my world... causing my bedroom to become a ghetto version of The Factory haha. 

Here is a piece I did for my dear friend Hannah for her Birthday (she requested a Jurassic Park painting... naturally I was only too happy to oblige her!)

And another for my Brother in Law, who is currently experimenting with patriotism. 

I hope my tips will be of use to you! Giving gifts is fun! 

Happy huntin'!

Love, love

Ps I'm most likely going to start compiling a list of my favourite DIY gift tutorials to post in the near future, so keep them peepers peepin'!


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Missing you.

These are about 2 years old, and very ropey in places... but I just came across them again and thought I would share. I'm missing my friends more than ever at the moment. 

So, here are my dear friend Jim and I having a little sing song haha. Please excuse those excruciating off pitch moments! 

The ending always makes me laugh "I just had a terrible thought!" haha

And this one, well this is just madness. But it makes me so happy. Ah, the carefree days of years past... when Miley Cyrus got served by Natalie haha

Thrifting coming soon, have some alterations to make first

Love, love 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Sculpting:Dino Girl Diary: Headpiece & strings

Not a drastic amount of change, but Dino Girl now has a little head piece made from ribbon and pearls as well as 3 strings! (Head & wrists) I'm draggin' my feet with the leg strings, it's so frustratingly tangly! 

But, they will come soon as I'm desperate to start my next sculpted girl, and I refuse to allow myself to begin until Dino is complete :) 

Happy crafting!

Love, love