Saturday, 8 May 2010

We all go a little mad sometimes. .

I have been struck down by the mucus demons. I like to think of them as little goblins that sneak inside your lungs and brain, covering all of your brain cells with gunk until you can no longer perform basic tasks. Goblins be gone! It's the weekend and we have crafting to do!!!!!!!!
In order to fight the monsters taking over my body, I spent my Saturday thrifting followed by doodling and making rings in bed, whilst sipping hot chocolate and absorbing the wonderful 1960 Hitchcock thriller Psycho.
I'd never seen it in it's entirety and was thoroughly enthralled by it. I'm obsessed with IMDB. I am forever looking up trivia on the movies I've recently seen. My reading on this movie was particularly interesting, for example the reasoning behind Hitchcock's decision to make the movie in black and white, and for under $1,000000 . . . and the most random and fascinating fact I learnt was that Psycho was the first American film ever to feature a toilet flushing on screen?!!?!?! Who knew.
Anyway, I think I might have a look at the remake later. . I have an odd curiosity for remakes (particularly horrors) . . mostly because I like to see if the director has taken the story in a new direction, or merely remade a classic for a modern audience. There's a strange sort of security that comes from knowing who the bad guy is. . and I very much enjoy seeing how different directors and actors chose to portray them.
So. I made rings...
Just the rose bud ones. . .I am not that clever yet. I made them using buttons my Grandma gave me and some wire I had lying around. 
I also picked up this sweater today a long with this bow pin, which was part of a set of three. . whoever the previous owner was. . she smelt fantastic. . talc and roses. . heaven. 

Love, Love.

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Katherine said...

omg i love psycho and hitchcock!! we should have a hitchcock weekend and just watch a ton when you're back.

also - speaking of horror movie remakes - you gotta watch the old wolfman and the new one - they're amazing!