Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow Day.

This weeks headlines: 
  • Temperatures plummet to record breaking lows in the UK
  • Disney announces that Tangled is to be their last animated Princess movie. 
  • Still no word on my visa
OK, so it's cold. Very cold. Currently residing in my sisters country cottage, I have become accustomed to the art of layering. My at home outfits however, are certainly not fit for the general publics eyes. It's possible I will actually be taking my hat to bed with me this evening... amongst my varied heatable animal friends and 4 layer thick pyjama ensemble. 
There's no venturing outdoors for this girl... at least not without just cause... hence I bring you doodling & puzzles...
Lordy I love words... especially when they need unjumbling. SuperDork™
I also love my glow in the dark spaceship pyjama jumpsuit... even if it does bring my sanity into question. 

 Some new doodles I did this week playing around with graphic markers... I just adore them.. so quick and easy to use. 

Here is a video for you. 

Until next time,

Love, love 

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