Monday, 10 January 2011

Friday's Child

‎"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" - Albert Einstein

I'm so saturated with inspiration right now I can barely function... it's so exciting!! Particularly in the aftermath of such a dreary, miserable Holiday season... being stuck in bed devoid of all energy and motivation... I was beginning to think I would never feel this way again! Thank you world for this marvelous gift!

It has also caused me to turn my fears over moving into a new apartment in LA into excitement. My ears are beating from all the ideas bursting to get out of my head... so many crafting home projects and paintings and visions of lace and gingham and sheet music and florals and ... woah mama. I can not wait to sink my fangs into this new chapter of my life. 

Incidentally, tomorrow is my 26th Birthday. The first of my self assessed "scary ages". Still mid 20s, yes, but certainly lurking on the edge closest to 30. The silver lining is I still get asked for my ID wherever I roam. Phew! 

This past weekend was spent celebrating my impending Birthday in London with two of my favourite girls. We sipped on St Germain cocktails and played scrabble at Drink Shop & Do before heading out to Shoreditch for some dancing. I was so overwhelmed with the little tea room we went to that we went back the following day to soothe our aching heads with tea and other sundries. 

Here are a vast amount of photos from the weekend.  

Wow... that's a LOT of photos! I know I posted the pepper pot twice... but I wanted to post the full photo as well because I think it's so beautiful! 

Here is some music for you: 

Love, love

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Lucy said...

Wow, LA, lucky you!!