Sunday, 16 January 2011

Modcloth Wishlist

"My idea of success," he said, "is personal freedom."
"Freedom? Freedom from worries?"
"From everything-- from money, from poverty, from ease and anxiety, from all the material accidents. To keep a kind of republic of the spirit-- that's what I call success."(65)

The House of Mirth  - Edith Wharton

Contrary to this heavenly quote, here are a selection of lovelies I came across during a quick browse of Modcloth . . . I can only imagine what a thorough exploration would uncover!!!! I can not wait to move into my own place and start collecting my own curiosities ♥

Love, love


Emily @ModCloth said...

Hey Jessica!

I am loving your wishlist - how chic and eclectic would all those fab home decor items looked together?? Be sure to make a post if you decide to indulge yourself!


JessicaAmyBiddle said...

Emily, thank you for your comment! I love Modcloth... it perfectly suits my range of styles and the "be the buyer" section is just so inspired! I can't wait to put my security deposit down and start collecting! And I will be sure to document it also . Yay Modcloth! xoxo