Thursday, 3 February 2011

Smiling's my favourite.

Lately my head has been all over the place. There is so much cruelty and heartache on this planet... it's far too easy to let it pull you under... not to mention I am riddled with anxiety over my visa (Which is in final review with the Superior argh!!) So, I decided to focus on the good... the little rays of sunshine that make each day worthwhile. Hopefully I can keep it up.. because it really has been an enjoyable exercise... and honestly, we all have so much to be grateful for every day. 

So, here are the things that made me smile this week: 

Receiving this precious little embroidered pan collar in the post from my Nanny Beep Beep!

This little treasure belonged to my Great, Great Aunt Sophie... and was never used. My Nanny knew I had been working on my own pan collars so she surprised me by sending this to me... what a sweetheart! Now I just have to find a piece worthy of such a beautiful, vintage treasure! 

The morning frost leaving magical snow flake patterns on my windows

Art supply sales!!!!! My marker collection is growing rather nicely!
The best home made carrot cake in the world from my stepmom (along with several sketch books and a pad of tracing paper... which were both on my list of things I need for a new project I am working on!? Serendipity).
 Witnessing the phenomenal strength and courage of my friends. Don't let the waves pull you under... it's your time to dance in the sunshine!

This cutlery set from Modcloth
The adorable little noises our kitties are making due to their sneezing colds. I hope you feel better soon kittyman! (Look at his furled brow.. poor boy)

My Niece sewing her own headbands after I gave her a little sewing lesson 

And last but certainly not least... the arrival of beautiful little baby Millie... I can not wait to get back to LA and give her a big, big hug!!!!!!!!

What has made you smile this week?

Love, love


beneath the glass said...

i totally agree- there's so much crap in the world its hard not to get sucked under; you gotta take a step back and focus on the good :)
love the collar!

Beneath the Glass

Anonymous said...

O i love it.. mucho.