Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thrift of the week...

This weeks "Thrift of the Week" header features my Nanny's wonderous tartan carpet... a well cherished staple of our family!
*click to enlarge*   

Embroidered clothes brushes that unzip to reveal a miniature sewing & manicure set. How precious! 
Dainty little leather & silk coin purse 
Beautiful make up compact. 

Hand painted mirror. I love how aged it is around the outer edges.... It was nigh impossible to photograph in this little cottage

And this bag... oh I love this bag. I am unsure weather it is a vanity case or a purse... whatever it is... it makes me smile!

NB - I acquired these trinkets by trading in some vintage pieces I no longer had use for to a vintage store... which I think is a brilliant and very cost effective way of freshening up your home/ closet etc! 

Happy Thrifting!

Love, love

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