Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thrift of the Week...

Been a while since I've had any thrifting to post about... sewing exhausts all my time at the moment! But here we are...

These 1970s Levi jeans were a terrific find and the PERFECT fit for me. Serendipity. Oh and did I mention that they were FREE? As was the feather head dress ... the blouse was acquired during a clothing swap with my lovely friend pictured next to me in this photo.. the jacket belonged to my elder sister in the 90s and the belt was also a free find.

Clothing Karma truly does exist. I can't recommend enough doing a clothing swap with friends... it's a great way to refresh your wardrobe and give a new life to those items that you just sorta, kinda fell out of love with! Give and you shall receive! 

Love, love

PS Be sure to visit Biddleton where you will find all the handcrafted delights my sister and I have been creating over the past few months! 

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