Friday, 17 June 2011

Take 2 - A Trip To Oxford

First of all, WELCOME to my new followers! Even though my following is few, I truly appreciate each and every one of you, please feel free to introduce yourselves... and thank you for follwing! 

Now, on with the show. Last week I was lucky enough to have not one but TWO consecutive days off... so I decided to take the opportunity to visit Oxford, where my LA sister is currently residing with her man. 
I'd never been to Oxford before, and was surprised by how close it is, despite living in the Midlands Countryside. 
It really is a beautiful city, full of history and countless quaint little villages. We accomplished so much in 48 hours that I have decided to split my trip into separate posts, as there are many, many photos and lots to share... it would be a tad tiresome to digest in one sitting! 

And so we come to Oxford, Part One. 

Monday, I collected my sister and begin the drive to Oxfordshire... stopping at a couple of little villages on the way, just to make sure they didn't have a plethora of untapped thrifted treasures waiting to be Biddled... disappointingly, they did not. On the way, we came across this fellow...
 I knew pigs could fly, I knew elephants could fly, but hey, no one ever told me sharks could fly!(Although arguably they can't land, as evidenced by this photo!)

Finally, we made it to our resting place. Where we sipped on red wine before heading out into the dusky Oxford evening.

Our walk into town led us along the canal and into a field, where we found yet another aquatic fellow who, like his  sharp toothed friend, had failed miserably in his aerodynamic endeavors.

In the city centre, we began the night playing phonetic Scrabble (a Biddle invention, full of fun and surprisingly difficult, particularly when you play regular Scrabble as frequently as we do!)...

Phonetic Scrabble! 

Next we shared a delightfully English night picnic, washed down with sneaky beers, on the stones step to one of the many historical buildings Oxford has to offer

We ended the night at The Gloucester Arms, where I indulged in another favourite pasttime of mine!

I treated the locals to "Calling Dr Love" by Kiss hahaha

Then it was home to bed to recharge for the full day of sightseeing ahead!

Part 2 soon, with an abundance of photos to accompany it!

Love, love


Kat said...

OMG I love the shark!! Where was he?? Please tell me that was just someone's house.. :)

Also - I'm bummed that I missed karaoke with you and I love the main pic on your blog!

JessicaAmyBiddle said...

The shark is just in the roof of someone's house in Hedington, Oxfordshire... hahaha!!!!!

We will karaoke again one day! And thank you! The picture was taken by Bree's friend Greg Reeves :) xoxo

ukandy said...

nice pics of oxford town, I love the shots on the steps where we picknicked, wicked.

JessicaAmyBiddle said...

Thanks to your wonderful photography skills UK Andy!!!!

Liza said...

This looks like a great day! I love all of the photographs.