Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oxford Part Deux

Finally getting around to posting this! I hope you find it interesting... there are a lot of photos so I'll try to limit my yabbering! I photographed some of the museum blarb from the exhibits which intrigued me, hope it intrigues you too!

My second day in Oxford we decided to take a little drive and see what we could see! Our adventure led us to Woodstock, Oxfordshire, a sickeningly picturesque little village just outside of Oxford proper, home to Bleheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill. 

First we stopped by Harriet's Tearoom for a typically English feast of pasties, quiches, ploughmans and scones. Mmmm!!!!
Then we headed to the Oxfordshire museum... which has some amazing exhibits... a dinosaur garden (!!!) and a fantastically eclectic giftshop. Of course, I was eager to check out the Jardin des dinosaures first!

In the Dinosaur garden there are a collection of real Dinosaur footprints! (I think i've blogged before about my dinosaur obsession!) 

One of my favourite aspects of this museum was how interactive it is... there were even hats and jackets to play with in the WW2 exhibit! 

These helmets are SO heavy, by the time this photo had been snapped I already had a headache... huge respect for the soldiers who had to endure them for so many hours!

I freakin' love this 1940s army jacket!

The hat is pretty sweet too! 

Next up was the Roman room.. which was fascinating... Lots of human skeletons and interesting little tidbits of morbid Roman history (day to day life, traditions involving death and tragedies such as the plague were always my favourite parts of my history lessons!)

I wish I could have taken him home with me! 

Interesting fact: Glove Making was one of Woodstocks chief industries! (Click to enlarge and read!)

 Of course some taxidermed big game! <3

Oh, and I finally got to see my UV nail polish in action in the "science room" 

Now, finally we have arrived at my favourite part of the museum... the kids dinosaur room. And here's why...

Hand sewn dinosaur costumes for (kids) to play in!!!! Naturally I had to have a quick game of dinosaurs before we left... 

I was blown away by this hooded cape Triceratops costume... what ingenious costume making!

Part 3 coming soon! 

Love, love 

PS For more information on The Oxfordshire Museum and upcoming exhibits click here

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Anonymous said...

I want to play dino dress up! Also loving the UV nail polish. Stuff that glow's rocks! x