Friday, 24 June 2011

Thrift of the Week...

We're back! Thrift of the week has been on hiatus due to an overwhelming number of thrifted delights during my last stint in LA... far too many to talk about.. followed by a severe drought back in England. But this week the thrifting Gods were smiling upon me!

I scored these vintage frames at work no less... I don't think I've ever mentioned what is it I do for work while I'm in England.. well I work for my Dad who owns a chain of independent Opticians. This week I was sorting through the recycled glasses when I spied some vintage cases, which immediately sparked my interest (they really don't make spectacle cases like they used to!)... inside were these little gems... unsurprisingly due to my fathers profession, I already have a pretty vast collection of vintage frames.. but a few more can't hurt! Plus the sunglasses look fabulous on.. so unusual to find a semi rimless winged sunglass!!!! 
For giggles, here is a pic of me in the first pair, before I removed the reading lenses hahaha
Next up are a few things I picked up at my favourite UK thrift shop, located in the grounds of a local hospice. 

FYI I have this thing that I subconsciously do when on my way to a thrift shop... which may or may not raise my freak flag haha... I come up with a mental list of items I am looking for (usually hats, well tailored high waisted shorts/ pants/ skirts... hand knits... shirts in good fabrics..and real leather purses) I'd say 80% of the time when I think about what I am looking for... I find it. And, this week was no exception. (I found the glasses the day before, and would you believe vintage winged sunnies were on my to-find list!! Spookaroo!!)

Here's what was my list this wk:

Sleeveless collared shirt
High waisted shorts
Hat (like I need more hats!)
A purse (to replace the one that died in LA)

This baby was a humble £2.00 and looks pretty rad on... although I can already hear my Grandma giggling at me for wearing it backwards, but I just love the way this style looks the wrong way round!

This wasn't exactly on my "list" (although I am always looking for shirts as I think they are the hardest thing to purchase!) 
It's the softest cheese cloth... satisfies my adoration for broderie anglais and has the cutest little buttons on the shoulders. Plus it's just the right cropped length. The perfect partner for high waisted stonewashed denim. £1.75
Speaking of high waisted stonewashed denim.. these shorts were begging me to take them home. They're not vintage.. but pretty damn near perfect. There's a button missing so they were a mere £0.60p ... never worn... with the Topshop tags still on them (incidentally the original retail price was £30.00) 

Lastly... sleeveless collared shirt! Huzzah! I love the deep V and the wide collar... the fabric has a nice drape too. £1.70 

But wait.. there's one more thing!

Before I hit the hospice shop, I went to visit a friend from my old job who is recovering from key hole surgery (check out her blog here and wish her lots of get well soons!) Anyways, she had recently done some scavenging in her attic and found a whole mess of vintage treasures... and very sweetly gifted this purse to me... my list is complete!!!!! Thank you my love and feel better soon!!!!!

It's chocolate faux alligator with a clasp closure that snaps like a dream! 

Well, I think I've rambled on quite enough for one evening, I still have to tackle the remainder of my Oxford trip at some point... 

Have any of you thrifted anything exciting lately?

Love, love

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