Saturday, 15 May 2010

From 15 to 25 in 16 images.

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Healthy hair is happy hair!

Yesterday I got my first haircut Since Jan 09. I went to see my hairdresser/ photographer friend of years past. . back when I was a Harajuku loving teen with rainbow hair, she used to have full control over my styles in exchange for my face in her shop window & publicity materials.

My love for bright colours over the years has faded, but here are some of my hair styles from years past. . what a difference a decade makes!

... and those are just the ones I have digitally documented! 

Love, love. 


Katherine said...

omg cool!! it's crazy how many different styles you've had and pulled off so well - i'm jealous!

breeeeeeeee said...

you and i both gf.. it's always fun to change up something if not your life haha