Sunday, 16 May 2010


My sister once said to me that she thinks it is hard for me to love one person completely because I adore so many full heartedly. 

Recently, various people I know (all called Emma incidentally!) have been pleading with me to watch Paper Heart.. and yesterday I finally did.. and it has me thinking a lot about not just love.. but the whole concept of relationships, marriage.. and what is "normal". I'll save my rant on Normality for now, that's a whole other blog. . and I want to concentrate on the aortic pump!

Unlike Cheyenne Yi in Paper heart, I do believe in love. Have I been in love? No. I've been infatuated.. i've been heartbroken...I've lusted, liked and adored, yes.. but never been in love. 

When you are single, and don't except dates from every testosterone fueled male who offers you a free meal, or sleep with anyone who seems willing, does that make you too picky? 
Personally, I think that I could certainly stand to be a little more open minded when it comes to who I chose to date. . . but I am also of the belief that I know what I want. 

I get bored easily with most boys. I need someone who interests me. . .  entertains me. . . makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes. . .  is that so wrong? Why waste time - not to mention potentially form attachments to people who aren't right for you, when the relationship is pretty much expiring from the first date.  Why should we settle for something other than what we want? 

On the other hand. . . what if these boys who are deemed "not right" are cleverly disguised... what if something we don't think or know we want, turns out to be everything we never knew we needed. . but makes us 100% happy?!

These questions of course have no factual answers. . sure, there are statistics about marriage and divorce, and scientific theories on the connection between increased serotonin levels and the "feeling" of being in love. . . but their is no real definition, no reasoning behind love. All we can do is make hypothesis based on experience and the norm. 

I think love exists. I think it's a combination of friendship, lust, passion, adoration and something magical and illogical that can not be explained. 

When I find it, I'll let you know what it is


breeeeeeeee said...

omg u r too cute! but umm agree as well . wasting time thing, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Disney input oh robin hood.

JessicaAmyBiddle said...

<3 Every town has it's ups and downs