Friday, 4 June 2010

Beauty tips for dirrty girls ♥

Friday. Currently my Friday evening ritual consists of de-dirtying from my week at work at the garden nursery. Messy business.  As a make up artist ( and a female in general!)  I consider good skin & tidy hands to be one of the most important aspects of my job. Although I am not doing much make up work whilst in England (there isn't much call for professional make up artistry in the English countryside!), I still want to feel like myself. Anyone who has spent any time around me will know that soft skin from head to toe is one of my biggest obsessions. 

Here is my regime, and tips for anyone who has had fun playing in the mud & needs a good scrub up! (Hint.. this also applies to post summer camp clean up. I've been that girl many times, too!)

1) Declog pores. I use the Neutragena wave.. it's amazing. 5 minutes alone with this bad boy and anyone would think you'd robbed a new born baby for their skin. Next I use a toner & moisturiser. In the UK i choose Simple, as it's free from any nasties and keeps my skin nice and smooth, whilst protecting it from the sun. In LA, I use Cetaphyl, or something similar. If I'm feeling particularly dirty, I use Biore pore strips.. I find these to be the absolute best for unclogging your pores. I always soak my skin with a hot towel before applying them, to open the pores. 

2) Hands & nails... 40 hours a week of gardening will do wonders for your hands... imagine deep cracks caked in dirt. Yum. The only think that seems to work is literally FILING my fingers. Super sexy. I use a regular emery board on the really tough bits (yikes!)  a nail brush to clean my nails and then follow with a body scrub to further soften the skin.  Next I apply a thick body butter to my cuticles, massage it in before continuing with the rest of my hands. Coco butter is probably one of the things I could never do without. I use it everywhere. Apart from the delectable scent, I like that fact that it's so thick, it really penetrates the skin and keeps it supple until your next shower ;) 

 Next I give myself a little manicure.. but I'm sure you know how to do that! One of my favourite tools is the little razor that removes the dry skin from your cuticles. But unless you are gardening, you probably don't need something so harsh. Always soften the skin in warm water first. Anyone who has been to beauty school is probably cringing at the thought of my hand & nail regime! But it's the only thing that works ha! 

When I paint my nails I usually buff over the top layer of them first with a fine emery board, I find not only does this even out the surface of the nail, it also helps the polish to adhere, and it lasts longer! (Well.. until Monday morning when I'm back in the shed!). If I have the time I use a clear polish to further prevent chipping. I spend so much time crafting that my nails get hit pretty hard during the course of the day! 

TIP: I'm SOOO impatient.. i'd say probably 8/10 times I paint my fingernails, I screw it up before it has dried. My new best friend is MATTE finish nail polish. Not only does it look totally badass, but it dries almost instantly.. it's completely Biddle proof!! Genius. 

Today however, I am taking my time.. enjoying a nice glass of wine and writing this whilst my nails dry. (Typing seems to be one of the only things I can do without f'ing them up)... so I'm using super glossy Barry M Nail Paint in Mushroom N° 310 & Bright Pink 279. I love the combination :)  Plus I find Barry M to be of a very high standard; they go on very nicely, are available in a fantastic choice of colours,  and have great staying power, even for a girl like me! And they are so inexpensive! They have a special on at the UK beauty store Superdrug at the moment, 2 nail polishes for 5.00 . .  so get down there if you live in Britain! 
I think that's enough for now... I'll save the rest for another post... It's probably time I started including make up tips in my posts.. after all, I am a make up artist?!  

Later, dirrty girls 

Love, love

PS.. I effed up my left thumb already. Geez. Serves me right for gettin' too cocky! ;) 

EDITORS NOTE: after I posted this, i proceeded to screw up my pesky nail again not once.. but FOUR TIMES!!!!! AAAARGGHHHH!!! Then I drank a little too much of the wine I had been enjoying. Headache! Still absolutely in awe of the Mushroom Barry M Nail Paint... it's amazing!!!!!! 

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