Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A lesson in judgement.

A story. 

Last week (I actually can not believe it was only last week?!!)  sister number 1 (who has now returned to the place we both call home...sad face) and I embarked on a little adventure. 

The previous weekend, Sister 1 & her manfriend had had a romantic weekend at Hotel Du Vin. Whilst enjoying their fine dining they were greeted unexpectedly by some familiar faces... their neighbours from Franklin Village, LA, all the way across the Ocean.. eating dinner at the same time, in the same restaurant in the same city. Serendipity? 

Upon engaging in the usual "Oh my God how crazy is this" chit chat.. it came out that said couple were in town for a show that the husband was playing the next night, as guitarist/ pianist for Crowded House. Befuddled that neither party knew what the other did for a living..they extended an invitation and each went their separate ways. 

The next day, I go to work then meet my sister for a photoshoot with our hairstylist. Here my sister tells me of her serendipitous encounter at Hotel Du Vin... I express how funny it is.. and that it's a shame it isn't a band that frequent my ipod playlists. We drop the subject and continue with our shoot. 

Later, we are en route to collect our niece to resume babysitting duties, when we decide we are in grave need of an adventure.. sister 1's departure back to Lunatic Asylum is imminent, and we are desperate to share any last experiences we can. Sister number 2 agrees that as we are on the guest list, we should go have some fun. So we grabbed our Nephew, battling a broken heart and in urgent need of a night of random adventure..  threw on some fresh clothes and hit the tarmac. 

We arrived late to the show, apparently this is one of the perks of being on the list.. no guilt for missing the first hour! Besides, not being greatly excited about the music, this worked out perfectly. 

However, as soon as I saw the set, and tuned into the folksy melodies, I hung up my vintage hat in shame and swore never to judge a band I had not seen perform live again. I was instantly smiling, they gave such a great performance which included miniature comedic interludes, not unlike Flight of The Conchords.. whilst surrounded by precious little wooden carvings and a faux woodland littered with toadstool lamps. 

Afterwards we chatted with sisters friends, had some beers and took our pre judging behinds home to bed. 

This is a song I had forgotten about, and am so very glad to have rediscovered. It may have been written about Aussie weather.. but Lordy, does it apply to English weather too!!! 


Sister 1 & I as wee ones. Miss her so much already!

Love, love


Anonymous said...

love love love

Natalie said...

I saw Crowded House at Coachella a few years ago. You'll have to introduce me NEXT WEEK!!!