Friday, 28 January 2011


Here's a brand new feature to Sweet Nothings where I hope to post many delightful little treasures I have thrifted! I know it may seem a little conceited, but I love seeing what other people have stumbled across, so I hope you will too! And if I can turn a non- believer into a thrifter... then all the better :) 

Why I love thrifting:

1)You never know what unique treasures you will find...
2) It's infinitely less expensive, and providing you are selective about what you buy, and the quality of it in terms of vintage items, you can most likely sell it on or trade it to a vintage store when it no longer is of use to you! Something I am no stranger to!
3) It makes you a better friend to the Earth through recycling and repurposing items.
4) It's FUN! Playing dress up and gasping and gushing over rare oddities at the thrift store is one of my favourite ways to spend a day! 
5) And lastly, it may sound odd but I just find it easier to decipher what it is a actually like enough to want to own at a thrift store, rather than being seduced by trends and manipulated by advertising (which naturally I fall victim to now and then when I treat myself to something new!)

So without further delay here is my Thrift of the Week! 

At the moment, I have to be practical about what I buy.. because all being well I will be moving back to LA in the near future. I've seen so many things I've desperately wanted to take home with me but had to leave behind recently, including an exquisite 1030s dressing table, a free standing dryer hood (in working order!) and a set of 1970s hot rollers, still in the original box! 
With this in mind I was very happy to find this little suitcase for the bargain price of £1.50! There is a little scuff on the front to repair and I think I will modify the handle at some point but other than that she is in top notch traveling condition. I am just hoping she is small enough to use as carry on!

Happy thrifting!

Love, love

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Anonymous said...

now we may travel the land with out suit cases