Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Long overdue crafting update!

OK, finally got my butt in gear and finished a few projects I'd been working on over the holidays. Here they are! 

This little baby is a T Rex skull Broach hand carved using modeling clay. 

It was a very tedious process that required a lot of patience and a very steady hand! But it was definitely worth it! This one was an experiment of sorts, as I was unsure how it would turn out due to the amount of miniscule detail required, and the demonstrably feeble qualities of Fimo! Next time, I will take pictures of the process and do a little tutorial ✂

Oh, and here she is in action! 

If you haven't already guessed, I have the same interest and excitability concerning Dinosaurs as a 7 year old boy. 
This little baby is a head band I sewed using a vintage silk scarf. 
She is much cleverer than she looks.. for the bow is adjustable, therefore it can be worn at any point along the band. Left, right centre.. wherever.  It also is structured with wire, so you can angle the bow however you may please! Personally, I follow the Blair Waldorf philosophy of headbanding... "The bow goes on the right" haha.

This is a wrap around headband I made last summer... but I don't believe I ever posted finished pictures of it. So here it is.

The band is braided and the rose was hand knitted.

Not the best photos, but I am wearing the headband I promise :) 

 And one last thing... doodle I did at the weekend. Expect more Dino-Doodles very soon!
 I'm currently housesitting so I have a lot of free time and a whole big bag of crafting projects with me.. so I better get started! 

Love, love

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