Friday, 10 June 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge Part 2

Finally up to date with this mini project! 

Here are days 5 through 10! *click image to view full size*

Day Five - From a High Angle
Apologies to any Vegetarians out there... I adore animals.. but I'm a country girl... kitties will be kitties! 

Day Six - From a Low Angle
I think it's pretty interesting how my low angle photo came out like a high angle one hah

Day Seven - Fruit
This is a strawberry plant from my days of working at the Garden Nursery, that is just starting to blossom again 

Day Eight - A Bad Habit 
Mmm mmm mmm I love sweeties!

Day Nine - Someone You Love
Edd and I have been steadfast companions since I was 5 and my Mama brought him home from a trip to Texas <3 
Day Ten - Childhood Memory
Chinese Solitaire. I wasn't lying when I said I was a SuperDork™. I spent so many hours as a child playing cards and games by myself... this version of Solitaire was one of my favourites. The antique schoolhouse Desk was also a 5th Birthday present, I've spent many hours drawing at that thing! Ahh memories

Hope you like!

Love, love

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