Friday, 10 June 2011

Summer Goals

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess inspired me to make a list of things I would like to achieve this Summer. Here it is!

1) Ride a ferris wheel. In my 26 years I have never once indulged in this simple joy. This summer I plan to change that 

2) FINALLY get my US Work Visa and complete my official move to LA. Having all my belongings in one place is a goal I think everyone would agree to be worthwhile!

3) Play an open Mic night with Bree (this one maybe slightly unrealistic as for this to occur we need to reach several other goals such as LIVE in the same country, write rehearse, practice, practice, practice our material... all of which are already being put into slow but steady action!)

4) Continue to create, sew and sell my sister and I's handmade collection Biddleton! Taking baby steps towards our dream.

5) Share a romantic kiss (preferably in the rain.. but when combined with goal 2 and the time of year, this seems rather unlikely!!!)

What are your Summer Goals? Be sure to click the link above to have a read of Elsies! 

Love, love

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Natalie said...

Wrong post, but just lovely photos re: 30 day challenge. It will try my damnedest to get up to date this week and pump out the first 12!