Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Something I forgot

It suddenly occurred to me that I neglected to share with you the labeling and packaging my sister and I put together for our Biddleton line. Our resources and energy levels were both severely depleted by the time we reached this stage.. but when a friend of ours (and rockstar.. check out her band HERE) asked us to donate a gift package to a Rock for the Cause Cancer Fundraiser her band was holding, we had to think fast and get. it. done! And that we did!

Here is a sampler... 

Set of 3 fabric wrapped/braided bangles with Rosette detail

Single rosette broach 
Make up bag/ pouch
We managed to refine them a little before we eventually found a buyer for our collection. Incidentally, if you are in LA be sure to stop by Dust Muffin , located at Sunset Junction where you will find many handmade Biddleton items! 

I have so much I want to share with you all today, including a trip to the Fayre and the start of a photo challenge I have decided to partake in! 

Later Gators,

Love, Love

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