Friday, 28 May 2010

One, two, Freddy's coming for you

OK. This post is going to be very text heavy. . keep with me! Oh and I changed my blog header. . . let me know what you think! It's from a shoot I did earlier in the year in a beautiful English woodland. Photo by Daniel Taylor 2010. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010. Dir, Samuel Bayer. 

On Wednesday my dear friend Lula Mae of Martinis & Moonbeams and I went to see the new A Nightmare on Elm St remake. Firstly let me explain to you that I never trust movie critics. They always seem to completely juxtapose my own opinions. For me to find enjoyment in a movie is not a difficult task. Sure, there are movies that blow me away.. the movies I can watch once a week and never tire of. .  but for the most part, all I am looking for is to be entertained.. intrigued, or inspired in some way. I've found enjoyment in some of the most ghastly movies! Mostly horror, as I am a horror nut.. and love seeing how different low budget projects create their SFX.. not to mention I love a good scare, even if it is hidden beneath terrible dialogue and plot lines as transparent as a vodka lime soda! 

So.. Nightmare on Elm Street 1984, Dir. Wes Craven... big deal by "The studios that Freddy built", as New Line was nicknamed after the films success saved them from almost certain bankruptcy. It was shot in 30 days, for approx $1.8 mil and it was Johnny Depps' first movie role. Phew. 

As if that isn't enough, Nightmare on Elm St has spawned so many sequels over the years.. and is self referenced in the horror world probably more times than I can even count.. my favourite being a line in Scream (also directed by Wes Craven), when Drew Barrymore is asked by the Killer about the Nightmare on Elm St franchise, and she responds by saying how she loved the first one.. but the others sucked. (Craven only directed 2 of the umpteen movies feat Freddy Krueger). 

Incidentally, Craven was apparently openly against the 2010 remake. Not surprising as it is his baby.. his story.. his killer... But in my opinion, if it opens up a new audience to his original genius, and further perpetuates the buzz he created 26 years ago.. then why fight it? After all, it's never going to be as important as the original... it's just a bit of fun! 

I really enjoyed Samuel Bayers adaptation. Obviously as I've written so much about it! I was gripped from the opening scene... constantly in fear of Freddy jumping out at one of the kids, and me jumping out of my skin! My friend & I were a little tardy to the theatre (we're very busy ladies!) so we had to sit front. row. centre. making us right there in the action. . . so close we could almost smell the corn syrup.
  •  I thought that the movie was cast pretty well... plenty of good lookin' guys and dolls! And though at times their acting was a little unbelievable, they delivered when it mattered most! 
  • Freddy. According to my sources (Lula in this case ^_^ ) Robert Englund hand picked Jackie Earle Haley to follow in his Krueger foot steps. (This remake was the first movie feat. Freddy, inc Freddy vs Jason, in which Englund did not portray Freddy). Now, Haley I thought was very interesting. His voice wasn't exactly what I would have expected.. a little cartoony I guess would be the only way to describe it. . . but he was certainly terrifying - not to mention HILARIOUS ... and at times very moving...( Lula and I both confessed feeling sorry for him when he was being chased by the mob, briefly believing he was merely an innocent gardener... geeeez!!!!). In all, I very much enjoyed Haley's portrayal of FK. Bravo Englund for your choice of successor!
Make Up & SFX. Now obviously, this is my area of expertise. Sure, I can waffle on about other elements... but this is where I really know my Cougars from my Kruegers! 
  • Straight Make up - I was very impressed by the artists choice of looks for the female characters. The girls always looked pretty but accurately troubled. Nancy in particular; her look was perfect. I really got a sense for her pain... exhaustion and fear...yet was still in awe of her beauty, which was 100% believable.. no dodgy misplaced lipgloss, (although this did occur earlier in the movie when Chris was in bed with Jessie.. but I let it slide as it was a dream sequence.. and in your dreams you are allowed to wear lipgloss to bed ;) hehe). 
And then there is Freddy. Now, I'm going to admit something that may sound odd coming from a monster lovin' make up artist... but I did feel a little bit like I saw too much of Freddy's face... it was a little over indulgent... and removed a certain amount of fear. I thought glimpses in the shadows would have been much more menacing, but instead Freddy's face was fully lit for the most part, showcasing a spectacular SFX make up, but in a way relinquishing his scare value. It really was a fantastic make up though. I have a soft spot for exposed jaw areas. Swoon. I can understand why it was featured so heavily. I particularly loved how the artist, (Bart Mixon created the prosthetics), had sculpted the piece so that Haley's eyes became disfigured & stretched upon application. I also give kudos to Haley for enduring it! Having spent many hours beneath similarly restrictive prosthetics whilst at make up school, and I know all too well how uncomfortable they are!

There were two things that bothered me about this movie: 
  1. The child molestation back story was a little bit too disturbing...
  2. The choice of music for the end credits! Whilst Dream, Dream, Dream was a genius selection, I adore that song.. and now whenever I hear the line " whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream..." I will see Krueger. Thanks a bunch. 
    Overall... I am definitely glad that I made the effort to see this movie. I can't wait to rewatch the original... and I hear that a sequel to the remake is not too far away. . . 


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    oh i wanna watch it, i love horror films.

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    NO!!!!!!! look at least you love rob z. but i have to say the make up was good in this movie. but i didnt like it at all .. but hey two different people two different minds.. sorta hahah .. but i do LOVE YOU!

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    Good Luck with the visa!